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Zebra Lawyer

Zebra Lawyer

If there’s such a thing as a celebrity football referee, it’s Ed Hochuli. He’s worked two Super Bowls, 15 playoff games, and has earned the nickname “Guns” for his formidable biceps. And lately, he’s come under fire for a controversial call in the closing minutes of the Denver – San Diego contest which ultimately cost the Chargers the game.

What most people don’t know about Hochuli is that he is a named partner at one of the largest litigation firms in Arizona. Besides working 30 to 40 hours a week as a referee, he works a 50 hour week as a lawyer, heading up 25 to 50 cases on top of another 200 cases he’s involved with. He arrives at the office at 5 am, finds time to pump iron a couple hours most days, and has raised six children.

Read the story we did on the amazing Hochuli from our 2007 Southwest Super Lawyers magazine.

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