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You’re the Best of the Best, Now Share It

You’re the Best of the Best, Now Share It

If you made it on a list of the best lawyers in your state or region, consider yourself the “best of the best.”

You’ve gone through the detailed steps of peer nomination, research and evaluation before getting chosen as one of the top attorneys in your area. But that’s only part of the process. Now, it’s time to let others know. Your legal accomplishment shouldn’t just look nice in a magazine or on a web page.

The Importance of Touting Achievements

Accolades supply the necessary buzz around your firm and enhance your brand’s standing in the legal marketplace. For example, being named to a Super Lawyers list, a Rising Stars list or a Top Lists creates great publicity, establishes trust and credibility and can even influence hiring decisions. It makes your firm the place to be for both clients and attorneys. You’re associated with the elite and it’s another opportunity to generate business through positive brand sentiment and attorney referrals.

Because legal consumers decide on a legal issue in less than a week, your status as an elite attorney becomes an even greater advantage. Your accomplishments differentiate you from other attorneys and law firms.

People want to be associated with a winner, so no need to be shy when looking to gain a client’s business and confidence.

If You Win Something, Say Something

Growing up, children are taught to keep quiet about success, which has led to things like “humble bragging.” But when you’ve worked hard to receive your distinctions; don’t be afraid to share those accomplishments with others.

It can be a plaque in your office, a video playing in the lobby, a badge on your website, an expanded online profile on directories like SuperLawyers.com or all of the above. No matter which route you take, you want employees and customers to come face-to-face with your expertise. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be easy to find.

When a patented rigorous and methodical selection process deems you a top attorney, it quickly benefits your reputation. In fact, promoting third-party validation is one of the strongest and least expensive ways to expand your firm’s marketing reach.

Consideration as the “best of the best” is great, but people need to know. Make sure you start leveraging your legal accolades today, whether it’s by upgrading your online directory profile, getting active on social media, updating your directory information or showcasing your expertise.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to spread the word about your Super Lawyers, Rising Stars or Top Lists selection and maximize your firm’s visibility.

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