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Your Marketing Is Bigger Than You Think

Your Marketing Is Bigger Than You Think

Working in a small town shouldn’t shrink your thinking. You’ve been chosen as one of the top 5% of lawyers in your region as a Super Lawyers selectee, or one of the top 2.5% of attorneys as a Rising Stars selectee. There’s nothing small-time about that.

However, it’s not always easy to identify the best ways to market your firm or your solo practice in a small town. Unique difficulties exist when providing legal advice, expertise and services in a rural area. But that doesn’t mean you should stick to the status quo. You didn’t find the success you currently have by simply doing the bare minimum. Today could be the best time for you to take advantage of a well-rounded marketing strategy to reach more of the right clients.

Has your law firm succeeded for years because of referrals and word-of-mouth? It can be frightening to venture into the world of integrated or digital marketing, but standing on the sidelines means missing out on the return a comprehensive strategy can provide. The price tag is worth it and the best legal marketing can prove its worth.

As you take stock of your marketing plan, it’s time to think a little bigger. With the right approach, you’ll quickly build trust with prospective clients and help them know you’re the right attorney for the job at the right moment.

Building Trust Online

First impressions are crucial to building trust and forming that bond with legal consumers, both in person and online, can be challenging. Most consumers make a decision on their legal issue in less than a week so you need to make an impact immediately and gain a client’s business and confidence.

Building trust has become a more complex process than ever before. It involves getting in front of consumers at each point in their search process and making sure they see you as the go-to attorney for their legal need. But the playing field has leveled as well. You don’t need the biggest budgets at the biggest firms in the biggest cities, but you do need to see the role that trust plays in converting a prospect to a client.

In a small town, the same techniques work. Show up where people are searching for legal advice, embrace online reviews, take advantage of your legal accolades and focus on relationship-building. Each element plays an important role in building trust, and often directories can have the greatest return on investment.

Go to the People

Today, the rules of internet engagement are shifting. Ten years ago, rural markets created massive challenges when it comes to internet access. Now, the majority of the United States has access to WiFi or mobile browsing. That’s a big deal. The technology is in place and more people than ever are using the internet and using it to find legal help. It’s how they end up on your website or accessing a competitor’s website or legal directory listing. So don’t expect your website to be the only digital resource to get clients in your office. Consumers go to legal directories to find answers early and often. So while a mobile-optimized website with valuable content that gets you noticed by search engines is a necessity, you should also take advantage of some of the best legal directories on the web like SuperLawyers.com, FindLaw.com, Abogado.com and LawInfo.com.

And just like the previous section, it’s important that your content is consistent, concise and compelling to build trust. A wrong phone number or address can cost you a new client or bring your firm’s professionalism into question. An underutilized profile, with limited information and no photo, can cause consumers to lose interest and pick someone else in your area. So be as specific as possible with your profile when it comes to practice area to reach your target audience. This is particularly important for small-town lawyers who handle a wide variety of cases.

Just because you’re in a small town doesn’t mean you have you shrink your expectations or your marketing strategy. Legal consumers have a wide net to cast as they search for the right answers to their issues. They’re using the internet to research and hire the lawyer they think is best suited to solve their legal problem. Don’t miss out by overlooking the possibilities of a digital marketing strategy. Contact your Super Lawyers Associate Publisher today and talk to someone invested in seeing legal consumers gain access to the best lawyers in the country.

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