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New York Revised Rules A Victory for Consumers

New York Revised Rules A Victory for Consumers

Good news for consumers and lawyers named in New York Super Lawyers magazine. It appears New York will not be following New Jersey’s lead in prohibiting lawyers from mentioning the Super Lawyers designation in their advertising.  The revised NY rules, released today, incorporate language we recommended in the comments to the proposed rules we submitted last August.

The rules now state that lawyers may include information as to “bona fide professional ratings.” Read Section 1200.6 (b)(1)  here. This is a victory not just for us and all other bona fide rating services, but most importantly, for consumers who need this sort of reliable information in order to make rational judgments in selecting legal counsel.

UPDATE – JAN 19, 2007:  There was an article published today about the New York rules in the New Jersey Law Journal (via law.com).  The author, Henry Gottlieb, notes that: 

“The New York courts have amended advertising rules to allow attorneys to tout their “bona fide professional ratings” — another example that New Jersey could be out of step if it adopts a proposed ban on services like Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America.”

Click here for the full text. 

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