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Winning Over High-Income Consumers

Winning Over High-Income Consumers

If you’re an accomplished attorney who has been named to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list, you know the attention to detail, the research, the legal scrutiny it takes to become a top lawyer.Winning Over High-Income Consumers 1

Legal consumers, especially high-income consumers, want a competent and accomplished attorney and they appreciate the trusted third-party support that’s conferred upon listees.

So, you’ve already got a leg up on the competition. Now the challenge is leveraging that dedication and accomplishment to appeal to affluent consumers.

The committed attorney can glean the necessary characteristics that make high-income legal consumers distinct and set a course to attract their business. In fact, the latest Super Lawyers consumer report, Aiming High: How the Affluent Consumer Chooses an Attorney, focuses on this sophisticated group and how to reach them.

One crucial strategy involves keeping an eye on what people are saying about your firm online and the best ways to manage it.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Any consumer, legal or otherwise, wants to work with companies that have a positive reputation. However, affluent legal consumers are especially interested in a law firm’s reputation. As a result, it’s paramount to keep tabs on what people are saying about you online. One way to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your online reputation is by asking for reviews. Now, all regions aren’t the same when it comes to asking for reviews, so check with your bar association to make sure you can ask for reviews in your region.

When it comes to embracing online reviews, understand that it aids your online presence and doesn’t detract from it. Don’t fear negativity and a smeared reputation because most people leave positive reviews. In fact, 81 percent of legal consumers who leave reviews for their attorney left a positive one, according to FindLaw’s Ratings and Reviews Survey. And even when you do experience a negative one, you now have the chance to change the narrative or show compassion and responsiveness. It’s yet another opportunity to show you care and know your clients.

Want to learn more about reaching affluent legal consumers? Download our latest consumer report.

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