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Why Accolades Matter

Why Accolades Matter

Recognition and appreciation go a long way in creating a successful career in the law.

So why are some attorneys reluctant to tout their accomplishments?

Feeling appreciated and awarded for your hard work lifts your spirits. Awards provide a source of pride and when turned into a tangible representation of dedication, they also give potential clients an additional reason to work with you. They can reassure legal consumers and provide an extra incentive for them to trust you as their attorney.

Given the power of the Super Lawyers name, if you’re a selectee, here are a couple reasons why it might be time to showcase your Super Lawyers or Rising Stars selections in the workplace.

Third-Party Support

Eighty-four percent of average customers rate their level of trust in a third-party attorney rating service as a three, four or five out of five, according to Thomson Reuters’ 2018 Consumer Legal Needs Survey.

The process of selecting attorneys to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list is rigorous and legally defensible. You can’t pay to get selected, so when you make the list, you know it’s because of an extensive check into your credentials and accomplishments. When you receive an honor like this, it’s an opportunity to showcase to past, current and potential clients, as well as colleagues, the high-quality representation you provide to your clients.

Your Clients Want the Best

Showcasing your awards in your office helps you meet your clients’ expectations. In fact, legal consumers consider an attorney’s expertise (24 percent) and reputation (seven percent) as the most important factor when selecting their representation. That’s the first and fourth most important factor, respectively, according to the average legal consumer.

You’ve promised you are the right attorney for the job. Now, when a current client or potential client enters your office, it’s time to match what you’ve said and provide tangible evidence that you’re the best of the best.

Give your accomplishments the attention they deserve by placing a Super Lawyers recognition plaque in the lobby or meeting rooms of your firm. Don’t miss an opportunity to build trust and strike up a conversation. Clients have plenty of time to look around in common areas and meeting spaces. Drawing their eye to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list selection, especially an anniversary selection, could turn a prospect into a client.

Your Clients Want to Trust You

In any transaction, trust is crucial. In fact, consumer trust is at an all-time low and consumers are willing to spend more to buy from companies they trust. Therefore, any chance you get to build trust with your prospective clients is a can’t miss opportunity.

When showcasing your accolades, allow them to speak to your values. It shows you are committed to representing your clients with excellence. A well-placed award supports the purpose behind your firm. Just like a degree can reassure your educational qualifications, showcasing your achievements builds credibility and demands respect. It shows your willingness to exceed expectations and puts value on your work.

As you can see, there’s no reason to shy away from touting your accomplishments. You worked hard to become an esteemed attorney. Awards are a source of pride and evidence proving that hard work pays off in happy customers and a successful law firm.

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