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When the Spirit Moves You

When the Spirit Moves You

When you receive your copy of Super Lawyers magazine, you may be moved to tell us a few things. Perhaps you think we left someone deserving off the list; or maybe you think we included someone who shouldn’t be on the list. In the past, you had to wait several months before you could nominate that overlooked attorney, and other than sending us an email or letter, there wasn’t an effective means of providing us feedback regarding the lawyers on the list.

Now all that has changed.

We’ve expanded the nomination period so that it opens about the same time you receive Super Lawyers magazine. With the magazine in your hand and the spirit moving you, you can immediately log on to my.superlawyers.com to nominate and voice your opinion while things are still fresh in your mind.

And the nomination process is no longer about simply providing us with a name. We’ve added two new features to the nomination page: The “Comment” feature allows you to tell us exactly why you believe the attorneys you nominate should be included. You can comment privately, or allow publication of your comments, with or without attribution.

The “Rate” feature allows you to rate each attorney on 12 criteria, things like, knowledge of the law, ethics, results, civility, and so on. Both the Comment and Rate features are optional. You can still nominate by simply providing the name of the lawyer.

What if there’s a lawyer on the list you don’t think should be there? At the top center of every page on my.superlawyers.com there’s a tab you can’t miss: It’s labeled “Comment on/Evaluate Lawyers.” Click on this and you’ll be given the same “comment” and “rate” options as on the nomination page. As always, we will treat these comments and ratings as confidential unless you direct otherwise. 

Next time you receive Super Lawyers, we hope you’ll remember to take advantage of this opportunity to vent. In case you don’t, we’ll be running ads in the magazine reminding you to log on to my.superlawyers.com to comment, rate and nominate. Judging from the number of comments and ratings we’ve received so far, lawyers appreciate these new options. It all takes just a minute or two, and the feedback you provide is invaluable to us.


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