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What you need to know about the new SuperLawyers.com

What you need to know about the new SuperLawyers.com

Super Lawyers is proud to introduce the brand-new SuperLawyers.com, redesigned to offer visitors a richer digital experience that is optimized for any device. The fully-revamped website, a key development in the continued digital evolution of the Super Lawyers brand, features a more engaging, user-friendly and responsive experience.


“As use of mobile devices continues to grow we wanted to make sure our website presence met the needs of our selectees and consumers alike,” said Laura Long, Senior Director for Super Lawyers. “We see this as a huge opportunity for visitors to our site, from any device, to engage with us on a deeper level.”


Responsive Design with Focus on Mobile
In today’s on-the-go culture, 60% of the time users spend with digital media is done on a mobile device*, Our new site is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly, serving mobile devices first and foremost.

Unified Navigation for a More Intuitive User-Experience
With a brand new top navigation menu on every page, you can now seamlessly transition between the site’s most relevant pages to easily find the content you are looking for.

Targeted Content Based on Audience
In addition to existing attorney-focused articles and legal content, our site now delivers consumer-focused content that provides additional engagement between consumers seeking legal assistance and selected attorneys on SuperLawyers.com.

Easier Navigation for Legal Professionals with the new Legal Hub
With simplified access to all of the marketing tools we offer, our new Legal Hub page is the central location where you can login to your My.SuperLawyers.com account as well as find articles, marketing solutions, state-specific information, customer testimonials and more!

Optimization for Search Engines and Customer Visibility
In a competitive legal directory industry, we have made significant improvements to SuperLawyers.com to increase visibility to our customers. In fact, the SuperLawyers.com directory traffic increased 157% in February 2016 when compared to May 2015.

We hope you’re as excited about these new changes as we are. We invite you to visit the new-and-improved SuperLawyers.com today!

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