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What It Means To Have Authenticity on Social Media

What It Means To Have Authenticity on Social Media

How do potential clients see your firm? There’s a predisposition amongst legal consumers that attorneys sit in their ivory tower, lording from on high. So while many lawyers are easily accessible, sometimes prospects don’t view it that way. It’s difficult to hurdle this barrier many consumers have, but doing so will help your firm seem trustworthy and compassionate.


The best way to battle these preconceived notions is to come off as human as possible. However it’s difficult to create personality when you’re marketing to online consumers, but potential clients want someone they can relate to, who understands the emotional side of their legal issues.

Social media should be used as an outlet to build your brand by creating a distinct personality. Potential clients want to see your engagement in the community and what makes you unique. So next time there’s a company outing or your firm hosts a charity event post pictures of you and your colleagues.

You can also show off a little. Post images of any third-party accolades such as a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list selection prominently. In addition look to post video describing your firm’s expertise and what makes you stand out.

Consumers are also using Facebook and Twitter to validate their choices. They want a law firm they can trust and makes them feel comfortable with their decision. That’s why it’s so important to standout becouase what makes you unique will be the reason consumers dial your number.

While creating online trust in today’s legal marketplace can be tricky, it’s a necessity. For more information on how to do so download the playbook Building Real Trust in a Virtual World: An Attorney’s Guide

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