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What Consumers Want to Know about Your Law Firm

What Consumers Want to Know about Your Law Firm

It’s easy to get nostalgic about where you went to school. Those days when you were young and idealistic, working with challenging professors and forging relationships with your fellow classmates. But think about those classmates for a bit. How many of them are you that close to these days? Are any of them practicing law near you?


When compiling online bios many lawyers have a tendency to just list qualifications like the law school they attended and their professional accomplishments, treating it like a résumé. The truth is that many of your competitors went to great schools and have accomplishments that are similarly impressive. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Be Personal

Prospective clients want to know the factors that differentiate your services and how your personality influences your practice. In other words, they want to know what’s important to them. If they think your bio reads like someone stroking their own ego they will likely move onto the next firm. Instead put yourself in their shoes. They’re in a tough situation and want to know how your particular set of skills directly relates to their scenario.

You can also take it a step further and describe what about your practice area makes you tick? When consumers are researching you online they want to know if you are passionate about their needs. On top of that they want to feel comfortable. Speak in the third person and tone down the legalese.

Be Unique

Keep away from clichés, every attorney says they “fight for their clients.” While it’s difficult, finding a creative approach to appeal to a prospective client helps you stand out from a sea of legal websites using the exact same phrases. One way of doing this is sharing the particular area of the law that really motivates you or some content you recommend for screening and selecting an attorney. You can provide links to articles or other published works, including a brief introduction about why it’s compelling.

Photos can also add value to any attorney website bio page because they help the reader connect with your words. If people can assign a face to black and white text, they’re more likely to cultivate trust and a connection with the attorney. Also, invest in a professional headshot. Your website should exude professionalism in every facet from the design to the copy. A professional photo will not only give your profile a personal touch with clients but also help you put forward your best attorney website bio.

Trust is difficult to establish when marketing to online consumers. For more information on securing a client’s faith and business download the playbook Building Real Trust in a Virtual World: An Attorney’s Guide.

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