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What? Another Ranking?

What? Another Ranking?

 As I mentioned in my last post, Dean David Van Zandt of the Northwestern University School of Law came up with his own ranking of law schools based on the number of graduates named to Super Lawyers adjusted to reflect class size (using 1999 enrollment figures). 

Now Brian Leiter’s Law School Report blog takes a crack at it. His ranking is also based on the number of graduates named to Super Lawyers plus some sort of weighted average formula which I frankly don’t understand. What both rankings have in common is that they make adjustments based on class size. But they reach very different results. 

For example, Leiter’s top ten list is missing three schools that were in Van Zandt’s top ten. Texas, number 3 according to Leiter, isn’t even in Van Zandt’s top 14 (why 14? I have no idea. That’s where his ranking ends on the ABL post)

The point is that simply applying a weighted average based on class size doesn’t magically produce a “more valid ranking.”  I’ve seen three weighted average rankings adjusted for class size so far (including the test we ran prior to publishing our list) and the results have been all over the board.  

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