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Webcast: 5 Ways to Master the Art of Referrals

Webcast: 5 Ways to Master the Art of Referrals

Did you know that 60 percent of attorneys send 1 to 10 referrals per year, while 34 percent send 11 to 49 referrals each year?1

On top of that, legal consumers consider word-of-mouth references the most trustworthy when deciding on an attorney. Your referral network is one of the most profitable ways to build a successful legal practice because 61 percent of legal consumers sought referrals from friends, family or other professionals last year, according to FindLaw’s U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey.

Because this is such an important topic for lawyers like you, last month Super Lawyers held the webcast, 5 Ways to Master the Art of Referrals. We covered the art of referrals, going beyond the basics and utilizing the tools you currently have for building your relationships.

Cultivating a referral network takes long-term commitment, but it is worth the time and effort. And you aren’t starting from zero because your referral network is bigger than you think. It’s more than clients and attorneys, it’s family, friends, classmates, acquaintances and more.

If you’ve put in the hard work and dedication to become a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars selectee, you already have a leg up in the referral process. You were already vetted by an established third-party rating service. The next critical step is developing relationships. In fact, 53 percent of attorneys said a reference from a lawyer they know was the No. 1 piece of information they considered before referring a matter to a lawyer with whom they have not worked.1

Watch this webcast on-demand to learn the top five strategies to build your referral network:

  1. Deliver high-quality customer service
  2. Nurture relationships with clients
  3. Showcase your expertise
  4. Cultivate your referral network
  5. Diversify your online properties

A track record of success is a great first step, but it won’t build your firm if a network of clients and referring attorneys don’t know about it. Hear from Cindy Larson, Super Lawyers Publisher, and Jordan Merson, founder of Merson Law, PLLC and Super Lawyers listee, to gain specific tactics on establishing and cultivating relationships with referral sources.

1 2016 Super Lawyers Business Development & Referral Survey

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