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From the Vault — Zebra Lawyer Ed Hochuli

From the Vault — Zebra Lawyer Ed Hochuli

The NFL season may still be months away, but it’s never too early to study the rulebook-or the refs who enforce it. In the 2007 issue of Southwest Super Lawyers Magazine, we took a look at the career of Phoenix-based personal injury defense attorney Edward G. Hochuli, better known to football fans as well-spoken and physically fit NFL referee Ed Hochuli. An excerpt:

EdHochuli.jpgWith two full-time, high-stress careers, you might expect Hochuli to be an intense, on-the-edge-of-your-seat and-well-intimidating sort of guy. So it’s a bit of a surprise to meet the easygoing 56-year-old Midwest native who wears a sports shirt and casual pants and slumps a little in his swivel chair. He smiles easily, speaks gently, jokes, laughs at himself and is not sure why anyone would be that interested in him. Still, he makes a visitor feel right at home, and loves to chat about his action-packed life.

“A game is a tremendous adrenaline rush. You have to make decisions like that”-he snaps his fingers-“and you are right or wrong,” Hochuli says. There are similarities between the courtroom and the law-both are governed by rules, and both demand intense preparation and an ability to articulate what you mean. But the bottom line is this: “There’s far more pressure on the football field. … Just think about this: 300 million people can be watching a game; in the courtroom, maybe there’s a dozen people. Football has been very beneficial to my law practice, it has taught me a lot. I’m never the slightest bit nervous in a courtroom.”

Read the rest of Hochuli’s story in the full feature article on SuperLawyers.com, or risk an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. And be sure to check out the latest version of Southwest Super Lawyers Magazine here.

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