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From the Vault – Going Way Back With Morgan Chu

From the Vault – Going Way Back With Morgan Chu

With the recent release of the 2017 Southern California Super Lawyers Magazine we wanted to take a look back at the cover feature for our first ever magazine in that region. Legendary Los Angeles IP litigator Morgan Chu has been making headlines his entire career-including in the pages of Super Lawyers. Here we look back at Chu’s journey to the law and his incredible career, as first written in the 2004 edition of Southern California Super Lawyers Magazine.

MorganChu.jpgThinking he would be a professional student all his life, Chu enrolled in a Ph.D. program at UCLA, studying urban educational policy and planning. “I never thought of being a lawyer growing up,” Morgan said. “Learning some law just seemed like the thing to do at the time.” So he ambled into Harvard. A summer job at Irell & Manella led to his starting work there for good, following a year-long clerkship for a judge, in 1977. If you’re doing the math on this, no need to recheck your figures: Chu earned a B.A., an M.A., a Ph.D., and a J.D. in eight years. And, oh yeah, he picked up an M.S.L. (master scholar of law) along the way, too.

The same inclination toward learning that attracted Chu to the life of the professional student satisfied him as a lawyer. Working a patent case required an intimate understanding of complex issues, often relating to technology, and Chu said he relishes coming to know the ins and outs of new concepts in, say , software or biotech.

“I get to sit down with the smartest people in the world on these matters and ask a lot of dumb questions, and they’ll spend all day with us answering them,” Chu said. “These people would not offer that service to the richest person in the world, because it’s a waste of their time. So I get to learn this fascinating new technology, what they’re doing and how they’re solving problems – on a personal tutorial basis – and at the end of the day they’re paying me?!”

Chu is not only a 14-time Super Lawyers list selectee, he also serves on the Super Lawyers Advisory Board and has been selected to 28 different top lists since 2004. To learn more about his practice, visit his profile on SuperLawyers.com. To read the full feature article on Mr. Chu, click here.

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