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From the Vault — David Rudovsky

From the Vault — David Rudovsky

One generation always paves the way for the next. In the 2006 issue of Pennsylvania and Delaware Super Lawyers Magazine, we profiled civil rights pioneer David Rudovsky, who himself learned from another civil rights legend. An excerpt:

Rudovsky.jpgRudovsky graduated from Queens College in 1964 and enrolled in New York University Law School. Living in Greenwich Village, Rudovsky soaked up the social ferment of New York in that era. During the summer after his first year of law school he went to Albany, Ga., to intern for legendary civil rights attorney C.B. King.

“We had a number of disturbing experiences,” Rudovsky says. “We had a cross burned where we were staying, and there was always a low-level fear in the office. There wasn’t a day that went by where there wasn’t some crisis over a civil rights issue. It opened my eyes to the degree of oppression in the South at that time, and to the possibility that legal responses to those kinds of conditions might make a difference.”

Rudovsky is not only a 14-time Super Lawyers list selectee, he also teaches law in the areas of civil liberties, civil rights, and criminal justice. His work concerns the protection of the constitutional rights of individuals and groups. Rudovsky’s litigation, writing, and teaching have centered on the issues of governmental misconduct, discrimination issues, the abuse of police power, prisoners’ rights, and governmental surveillance.

Read the rest of Rudovsky’s story in the full feature article on SuperLawyers.com. And be sure to check out the latest edition of Pennsylvania & Delaware Super Lawyers Magazine here.

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