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From the Vault ― Courtroom Alchemy with Dick DeGuerin

From the Vault ― Courtroom Alchemy with Dick DeGuerin

Texas legal legend Dick DeGuerin is known nationwide for representing clients like Tom DeLay, David Koresh and Robert Durst. After first profiling DeGuerin in 2007, we caught up with him again in the 2015 issue of Texas Super Lawyers, as he was continuing to represent Durst in the wake of the HBO documentary series The Jinx. An excerpt:

Deguerin.jpgOne of DeGuerin’s favorite trial strategies is to address the facts of the case, no matter how unattractive or damning. “Embrace the ugly baby,” he says. Take Durst’s earlier case, in which he was tried for the 2001 murder of his Galveston neighbor Morris Black. “There wasn’t any doubt about the fact that Bob Durst had cut up Morris Black, dismembered him and thrown the body in the bay. We had to live with that,” says DeGuerin. “And the simple explanation for it was he panicked. The killing itself, the shooting itself, was a struggle over a gun; and the gun went off accidentally. But then after that, what Bob did could have been made to make him look guilty. But in truth, it was panic.” DeGuerin put Durst on the witness stand as part of his defense in the 2003 case. The jury returned a not-guilty verdict on the murder charges.

Read the rest of the article here, and check out the 2007 feature here, on SuperLawyers.com. And be sure to check out the most recent issue of Texas Super Lawyers Magazine.

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