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More Variety, More Fun at Super Lawyers

More Variety, More Fun at Super Lawyers

What makes Super Lawyers selectees tick? That’s the question Super Lawyers Magazine has always sought to answer. Now with a fresh new look, each newly redesigned publication provides a broader array of new and engaging articles, while still delivering on the award-winning content our readers really resonate with, that is, diving deep into the lives of these excellent attorneys and telling their stories. At the end of the day, that means Super Lawyers Magazine is an even better publication for you to make and receive valuable referrals.


Super Lawyers Magazine provides visibility to attorneys who exhibit excellence in the practice of law, covering what makes them successful both personally and professionally” explains Ron Cahill, Director of Editorial and Research for Super Lawyers. “With an unparalleled readership of 1.12 million, we connect legal professionals with each other and those who need them.”

Our goal for the redesigned magazine is to deliver a greatly expanded editorial lineup to our readers and make it easy and fun to read. We’ve taken the number of regular feature articles from a handful to over 25 potential feature items and stories across our issues, leading to more variety and perspective. There are now shorter, quick-read articles that incorporate visually appealing creative elements to give each issue a fresh and contemporary look and feel.

Additional enhancements we’ve made to Super Lawyers Magazine include more engaging covers as well as enhanced Super Lawyers and Rising Stars list sections with clearer practice area sections, larger fonts and increased white space.

Here are a few examples of some of our new, unique content, as seen in recent publications of Super Lawyers Magazine:

Office Space

In Office Space, step inside the office of one our Super Lawyers selectees with this inside look at an attorney’s office and descriptions of items in it. For Florida attorney Thomas Ringel it’s all about sports memorabilia. From a Wilt Chamberlain jersey to a jersey from the 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice’ hockey team he has quite the “wall of fame”.

Prior Practice

In the 2016 South Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine we highlight the many routes attorney Lionel S. Lofton took before law in our feature Prior Practice. Lofton spent years in the crabbing business teaching world history and driver’s education prior to law school.

Local Counsel

Local Counsel explores the Florence area with some of Mark W. Buyck, Jr.’s favorite spots around town.

Voir Dire, Practical Applications and Pro Bono

Read about legal market survey highlights on topical issues and trends with Voir Dire, as well as what apps your legal colleagues are finding useful in their practice with Practical Applications. Additionally, when it comes to being an advocate for those less fortunate, bankruptcy attorney David Wm. Engelman has more than 40 years of experience. Now a shareholder at Engelman Berger in Phoenix, Engelman facilitates clinics with the Maricopa County Volunteer Lawyers Program in connection with the county bar association.

So now that you’ve learn ed a bit more about where we’re headed in terms of content, we invite you to be part of the process. Do you know a Super Lawyers selectee that has an exceptional story to tell? If so please send your story ideas to our editorial team at sl-edit@thomsonreuters.com.

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