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Use Your Expertise to Gain New Clients

Use Your Expertise to Gain New Clients

As a lawyer, you have a unique set of skills and knowledge. In your practice area, you’ve developed enough confidence and wherewithal to become trusted by peers and clients. If you’re a Super Lawyers listee or Rising Stars selectee, you have even more evidence of a top-notch reputation.

How are you using that expertise to generate new business?

In FindLaw’s U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey, the top factor considered for selecting an attorney is expertise. If you were honored for your hard work and dedication by a reliable third-party, like Super Lawyers, you’re already a step closer to becoming a client’s go-to attorney. Now, it’s time to build trust with potential legal consumers by showing your knowledge of crucial legal issues online.

Ask Super Lawyers can help you do just that.

Lead with your skills

Ask Super Lawyers puts your expertise centerstage by placing you directly in front of consumers asking burning legal questions. It’s a slight spin on the traditional Q&A because it provides you with an expert writer to create content aimed at sending consumers looking to answer a specific question (in specific states) to your dedicated answer page. It helps establish an online presence and connect your firm with customers seeking legal advice.

It also frees you up to work on what’s most important to your firm because it doesn’t require extensive time or effort. With a dedicated content strategist researching a popular legal topic, you simply answer the important legal question once and get back to practicing law. No need to monitor and respond to readers, just an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field of practice.

An important caveat: the questions and answers are locally focused. A capped number of options are available in each practice-area and state, leading to more targeted information and less competition. This certifies each Ask Super Lawyers Answer Page is valuable to you and to potential clients. You are set up to provide authoritative answers to questions legal consumers are searching in your area.

Why Q & A?

Today, a shift is happening with legal consumer searches, both in the questions being asked and how they are asked. According to recent statistics, there are already around 45 million voice-assisted devices in use in the United States. Potential clients are already beginning to ask for answers to questions like, “Where’s the nearest restaurant?” or “What time does McDonald’s open?” They’re getting answers and ordering products without ever typing a word. Soon enough, they might start asking, “Will I lose my license if I get a third DUI?”

Wouldn’t it make sense to optimize your content and leverage your expertise to reach those consumers?

Voice search could impact the future of legal marketing and thinking ahead will get you ready for the potential change. You can learn more about how to prepare by downloading FindLaw’s The Future of Search: Preparing Your Law Firm for Voice Search.

In this new legal marketing landscape, Ask Super Lawyers is the perfect brand-building solution for attorneys and law firms, bringing you the right clients to your specialized page in search of an expert answer. Learn more about Ask Super Lawyers and talk to an Associate Publisher today to leverage your Super Lawyers or Rising Stars selection and reach consumers with a specific legal need where you can provide the answer.

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