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Top 5 Strategies to Master the Art of Referrals

Top 5 Strategies to Master the Art of Referrals

Did you know 85% of attorneys selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list referred a client to a fellow selected attorney in the past year? In fact, 79% of these attorneys see their referral sources positively in terms of referring clients back.*


Building a referral network is one of the most profitable ways to strengthen a successful legal practice. Oftentimes, people hiring an attorney are dealing with injury or financial distress, or planning for a loved one’s death. These are extremely personal matters, and having someone vouch for your services can make all the difference in providing a comfort level for prospective clients.

Having a great performance history isn’t enough if you don’t have a network of clients and other attorneys that knows about it. Our new playbook, Master the Art of Referrals, will help you do just that by providing specific tactics on developing and maintaining relationships with referral sources.

The top 5 strategies to build your referral network are:

1. Deliver high-quality customer service.
2. Nurture relationships with clients.
3. Showcase your expertise.
4. Cultivate your referral network.
5. Diversify your online properties.

These strategies might seem obvious, but attorneys often don’t take advantage of them as much as they should. The goal of this playbook is to raise awareness of the simple steps you can take as an attorney to increase the effectiveness of your attorney referral network and, in turn, gain more quality leads and future business to help expand your firm. Let Master the Art of Referrals be your guide to generating new business by downloading it today.

*2015 Super Lawyers Attorney Referral Survey

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