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Top Notch Attorneys Deserve Top Notch Headshots

Top Notch Attorneys Deserve Top Notch Headshots

More people have greater access to good photography equipment, but the art of photography remains elusive for the average person holding a camera. As a top-rated lawyer, it’s as critical as ever to entrust the initial impressions of your law firm to a professional.

That’s why FindLaw created this attorney headshot guide.

While stock photography, or even the photography skills of your amateur photographer relative or friend, is affordable and readily available, spending a little more on professional photography is worth the money. You got to be a top-rated attorney because you put in the time to develop your skills and then put them into action. Don’t trust your photography to someone who hasn’t invested the same time and effort to produce quality photos.

Make a Good First Impression

Beyond the budget, hiring a professional puts the artistic process in the hands of someone adept at getting the right shot. They understand what it takes to get a top-notch photo and the right locations and lighting to promote your firm.

A properly composed series of photos also provides the necessary focal point for a print advertisement. An original and creative picture can make or break conveying the emotion you want a potential legal consumer to experience when they interact with your ad. Are you a family law attorney? Make sure a potential client comes away from your ad feeling like you can solve their delicate issues with compassion. Do you practice criminal defense? Make sure your photos communicate professionalism and makes the reader feel like you can get them back to their life.

Taking the time and setting aside the budget for professional photography means a better first impression of your firm because it lets you fully express your firm’s uniqueness. Like any artistic medium, there are many ways to reach an end product and that’s why it’s worth leaving it in the hands of a professional.

To learn more about why professional photography is important and how it fits into a multi-faceted marketing strategy, download FindLaw’s guide, “Headshot How-Tos.”

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