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Three Tips for Better Tracking Your Firm’s Marketing Progress

Three Tips for Better Tracking Your Firm’s Marketing Progress

Marketing data can get overwhelming for an attorney. Knowing what to track, how to track it and what it all means seems like a full-time job and you want to get back to practicing law. After all, that’s why you became an attorney, and one of the best in the country. However, if you don’t take the time to analyze your marketing strategy, how will you know if it’s successful?

Whether you’re leveraging the dedication and skill you’ve developed and turned it into a Super Lawyers selection online or in print, here are some ways to better track your progress:

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Focus Your Call-to-Action

Align your tracking method with your call-to-action. If you are asking readers to call your firm, use a dedicated call-tracking phone number. If you’re sending them to your website from social media or from a print ad, use a unique URL so you can decipher print-driven and social media traffic from other traffic.

Pay Attention to the Right Things

Don’t spend all your time focusing on how many people have visited your website, but how many times you’re getting contacts from potential clients. Too often, tracking gets caught up in high numbers, but it’s possible to see a decrease in website traffic and an increase in good potential clients contacting your firm. Why? Because you may have created more targeted content on your site or ran a more specific ad or your print ad reached a reader in need of your specialized skills. Yes, pay attention to traffic but don’t use it as your only data point to prove success or failure of a campaign.

Get Your Clients Talking

Ask clients how they came across the information needed to end up at your firm. Did they come across a print ad? Were they searching on Google for a specific lawyer in a specific region? Feel free to ask them if they remember what phrase they searched for. All that information will help you better design your future ads, website updates and social media content.

When it comes to tracking your progress, the end game is to improve performance and bring in more clients. One of the toughest places to do this is through print, which is why we created our latest playbook, Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm’s Marketing. Download it today to learn more about creating a successful and attributable print marketing strategy.

Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm's Marketing

Three Tips for Better Tracking Your Firm's Marketing Progress 1

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