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SuperLawyers.com Search has Gotten Smarter

SuperLawyers.com Search has Gotten Smarter

At Super Lawyers we’ve been busy looking for ways to maintain our competitive advantage and provide a better user-experience for our visitors. Recently, we made enhancements to the SuperLawyers.com attorney directory result pages to provide a more relevant search for consumers and referring attorneys using our online directory. These enhancements are based on internal and external feedback and the ongoing importance of local signals for improved Search Engine Optimization. Now, we need a little bit of your help to make the most of these search enhancements.

What changed in the search results?

SuperLawyers.com search is now streamlined to only display relevant listings by name, legal issue and location. Previously, searching for “Family Law” in the SuperLawyers.com directory delivered results of attorneys who had Family Law listed in their online profile text, but not necessarily listed as their practice area. Now, only people with that practice area (or NEW designated focus areas related to Family Law such as Divorce, Adoption, Child Support, etc.) will be listed in those result pages.

How are selectees listed on SuperLawyers.com impacted?

Now that search is streamlined by name, legal issue, and location, a selectee’s online profile will display under more relevant search results. The key to being seen by this new search function is to add focus areas that best reflect their practice.

Super Lawyers Selectees: Add your focus area(s)

To reap the benefits of these new search enhancements, all selected attorneys must add focus areas by logging in to their My.SuperLawyers.com account. Follow these easy steps to add focus area(s):

1. Login to https://my.superlawyers.com/  

2. Click Manage Your Profile tab

3. Click Edit This Information button

4. Scroll down to Practice Areas Focus Areas section (and ensure your practice areas are up-to-date; you may choose up to six)

5. Check Focus Areas that apply only to your practice

6. Click Save to finish

Please note: Designated focus areas will not be listed on an attorney’s SuperLawyers.com online profile, but will help their profile appear in the most relevant search results to their practice. Below is what the section you’ll be filling out will look like. 

Screenshot (2).jpg

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