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Super Lawyers Unveils New Premium Online Attorney Profile Enhancements

Super Lawyers Unveils New Premium Online Attorney Profile Enhancements

slpp-thumbnail.pngGood news for attorneys selected to the prestigious Super Lawyers lists! The Super Lawyers team has created a way for lawyers to increase their Web presence through an improved version of their Premium Online Attorney Profile. Exciting new enhancements provide attorneys the ability to showcase their expertise, generate new business and referrals, and promote their entire web portfolio, all at no additional cost.

Premium Online Attorney Profiles, which already receive premium placement in the SuperLawyers.com directory, will now display eye-catching contact buttons directly on search result pages, giving potential clients a one-click method of contact. For geographic areas that are under-represented, attorneys with a Premium Online Attorney Profile will also appear on directory pages that list fewer than four results, effectively expanding an attorney’s online audience outside their regular geographic area.

Within the Premium Online Attorney Profiles themselves, bolder contact buttons stand out and give potential clients a greater call-to-action, while the inclusion of social networking share buttons at the top of each profile give visitors an easy means of promoting an attorney through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Premium Online Attorney Profiles have also added sections where attorneys can display their websites, blogs, and social media profiles, further boosting an attorney’s online presence and driving traffic to external sites.

Finally, Premium Online Attorney Profiles will be able to syndicate recent blog posts and social media updates. This added feature allows attorneys to build rapport with potential clients, offers a hassle-free means of keeping their profile content fresh, and helps promote their entire web portfolio.

For attorneys who currently have a Premium Online Attorney Profile, these newly added features substantially increase the value of a profile at no additional cost. For attorneys selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list who do not yet have a Premium Online Attorney Profile, taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool has never made more sense.

Learn more about the Super Lawyers Premium Online Attorney Profile on SuperLawyers.com.

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