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Super Lawyers Summer Giveaway Recap

Super Lawyers Summer Giveaway Recap

Earlier this July Super Lawyers held its first ever social media giveaway. We asked our Facebook community to comment what they believed are the top three traits that exemplify outstanding lawyers, then selected one community member at random and sent them four Super Lawyers pub glasses. Lawyers from all over the country sent various answers, each sharing their opinion on what it takes to be an outstanding lawyer. Let’s look at what some of the Super Lawyers Facebook community members had to say.


1. Being trustworthy and not just acting it
2. Saying no when needed. Eg. I need to refer that out because that is not within my area of competence. No I can’t take you as a client for one reason or another.
3. Always try to improve. Legal skills. Client development skills.
James Yang

1. Good research and communication skills
2. (timely) response to clients/ and the court
3. The passion and drive to be better / learn from others
Elizabeth Roberts

1. The ability to see and argue both sides of a case or an issue
2. The ability to communicate effectively, both in speech and in writing
3. Integrity
Joyce Jones

1. Enjoys stress
2. Doesn’t vacation
3. Despises math
Lou Shapiro

The broad range of answers we received truly shows the diverse range of skills a lawyer must have to be considered outstanding. With that being said, we will continue to do giveaways throughout the summer, asking a new question and featuring a different product each time. Stay tuned to the Super Lawyers Facebook page for our next giveaway, more Super Lawyers pub glasses!

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