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What Makes Super Lawyers Selectees Shine

What Makes Super Lawyers Selectees Shine

February saw the release of three new magazines: Georgia Super Lawyers Magazine, San Diego Super Lawyers Magazine and Indiana Super Lawyers Magazine. The new issues introduce the attorneys in Atlanta influenced by early civil rights leaders, the politest lawyer in Indiana and a man out of San Diego who understands the modern attention span. Super Lawyers selectees are nominated because of their success in the field which comes from unique and diverse backgrounds. As these Super Lawyers Magazines proves, each has a story to tell.

2017 Indiana Super Lawyers Magazine

INSLRS17_SM_Cover.jpgSuccessful attorneys may have a reputation as being cutthroat, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be kind. That’s the case for M. Michael Stephenson of McNeely Stephenson in Shelbyville, Indiana. Stephenson is a dogged trial attorney whose reputation for cross-examination is excellent. Still, he does it while maintaining a calm, polite veneer. Getting to the truth in a case is tough and can sometimes require aggressive tactics, but Stephenson says if he does so “professionally and politely, the jury will admire my work.”

Stephenson came from a working class background, attending Indiana University School of Law after an undergraduate degree at Eastern Kentucky University. Since his early days starting out in trial cases he has adapted to new technology quickly and has maintained his polite reputation through 35 years of practice.

2017 Georgia Super Lawyers Magazine

GASLRS17_SM_.jpgAtlanta has been a hotbed of civil rights activities for more than a century, but it was the 1960s with the likes of John Lewis and Diane Nash that made the city one of the South’s capitals of African-American culture and resistance. Today attorneys throughout the city are still affected by the legacy of early civil rights leaders. In this issue’s cover story, seven Super Lawyers selectees discuss the impact the civil rights struggle had on them and how African-American attorneys have helped transform the city into what it is today.

Many faced harsh struggles as young professionals in a city still suffering from the affects of segregation. But the Super Lawyer selectees interviewed also recognized Atlanta early on in their careers as a city where they could prosper. Their stories help shed light on a city with a mixed and complicated record on civil rights.

2017 San Diego Super Lawyers Magazine

SXSLRS17_SPSM_Cover.jpgLet’s face it, attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Maybe it’s technology but no matter the culprit attorneys are beginning to tailor their styles to juries whose minds wander a little more than they used to. Super Lawyers selectee Craig McClellan of The McClellan Law Firm understands this and works to simplify complicated and dense arguments into easily understandable sound bites. It’s one of the reasons he’s successful as a personal injury attorney. McClellan specializes in automobile accidents and even has his own garage where on any given day there may be several vehicles that experts are poring over for details to help in their case.

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