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Super Lawyers Presents New Website Dedicated to Law Schools

Super Lawyers Presents New Website Dedicated to Law Schools

It seems like everywhere you turn someone has an opinion on law school: is it worth the investment? What type of law should you study? Where should you go? Our new website helps prospective students begin their research by targeting the top five things they should consider when selecting a law school:

  • Type of law they want to practice
  • School location
  • School environment
  • Likelihood of acceptance
  • Job accessibility

In addition, this site includes easily searchable law school profiles for the 200 ABA-approved schools with information such as cost of tuition, median GPA, LSAT requirements and average grant amount. You’ll be especially pleased to find listings of alumni selected to a Super Lawyers and Rising Stars list on each school page.


“We recognize the importance of today’s legal education that ultimately produces the quality lawyers of tomorrow,” said Julie Gleason, Director of Research for Super Lawyers. “We hope our site provides a wide variety of expertise, so prospective students can make an informed decision and get acquainted with accredited law schools.”

What does this mean for those selected to a Super Lawyers list?

Attorneys selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list from any year will receive added exposure with their name and photo (if applicable) in the alumni section for each law school profile and in the alumni section. Take a minute to find your listing on one of the 200 ABA-approved law school profiles, reconnect with former classmates and even build some new relationships. If you don’t see that your photo is showing, contact sl-marketing@thomsonreuters.com to assist you in upgrading your profile.

Top Law School Lists

It’s no secret that the Super Lawyers mission is to bring visibility to outstanding attorneys-so it makes sense that we would also want to shed light on the law schools that produce those attorneys. As part of this website we are proud to introduce three law school lists:

Perhaps you’re mentoring a young person who’s considering law as a profession. Referring them to our new site may help answer some of their key questions and ultimately guide them in the right direction. Visit LawSchools.SuperLawyers.com to learn about the “Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Law School”.

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