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Super Lawyers in the News: Durst, Equal Pay and Winning Stories

Super Lawyers in the News: Durst, Equal Pay and Winning Stories

Super Lawyers selectees are diverse, uniquely talented individuals who thrive in a variety of practice areas. Because of their success, Super Lawyers selectees oftentimes make headlines for a number of reasons. This could be because of newsworthy cases or important causes they champion. Here are just a few headlines Super Lawyers selectees made in the month of February.


James Wagstaffe– James Wagstaffe of Kerr & Wagstaffe recently won a wrongful termination suit against Biotech Company Bio-Rad for his client, the company’s former general counsel Sandford Wadler. Ultimately it was the metadata, information stored about online data, that did it-it was discovered that the company lied about the timing of an employee review never seen by the defendant which was found after computer analysis. Mr. Wagstaffe used his unique approach of story-telling, humor and self-deprecation that has helped him relate to juries over his 35 year career.

Gloria Neuwirth– While still fighting for issues like equal pay and equal representation, womens’ rights have come a long way in the legal industry since Gloria Neuworth graduated from Yale Law School in the mid-1950s. Recently she sat down with The Guardian to share her trials and tribulations as a young female attorney navigating her legal career.

Dick DeGeurin– As Robert Durst’s case continues, more evidence and witnesses come out of the woodwork, creating an increasing burden on the real estate heir’s defense attorneys. One of them, Super Lawyers selectee Dick DeGeurin, was recently tasked with cross-examining a key witness. He spent several hours grilling advertising executive Nick Chavin over key details in the witness’s statement to authorities as well as his ties to Durst’s younger brother Douglas. DeGeuren helped shed light on inconsistencies in Chavin’s testimony.

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