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Announcing the Recipients of the 2013 Super Lawyers Pro Bono Awards

Super Lawyers is excited to announce the nine recipients of the 2013 Super Lawyers Pro Bono Awards. The Awards honor legal professionals, students, schools and institutions that exemplify excellence in the practice of law through offering volunteer legal services to the poor, disadvantaged or exploited.

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Consumers expect to have access to the information they want anytime and anywhere. Many of them spend an extensive amount of time researching online before they decide on a product or service, and the legal industry is no exception (recent statistics from FindLaw show that 75% of people searching for a lawyer now go online during their search process, and 42% of legal-related searches are conducted on a smartphone). When a potential client searches online for legal counsel, how will they find you?

Happy Anniversary Super Lawyers & Thomson Reuters

This week, Super Lawyers marks our one year anniversary with Thomson Reuters. It's been a great year indeed, and it's been an honor to tell the stories of amazing attorneys from a platform that continues to grow with the help of Thomson Reuters, FindLaw and Hubbard. As a twenty-year member of the Thomson Reuters family via West Publishing, I feel as if Super Lawyers is really at home here. Our motto at West was to provide "better service to the bench and bar," and of course, Thomson Reuters Trust Principles reinforce what Super Lawyers has always stood for -- freedom from bias and dissemination of information. At Super Lawyers, we name the attorneys who exhibit excellence in practice, as evidenced by their nomination by peers and the findings of our independent research team. You can't buy your way onto our list or into our editorial. We disseminate our lists widely so that consumers who need an attorney can use them as input to their important hiring decision. And we surround the lists with editorial that tells the stories of these attorneys who set the bar as jurists, community members and people. It's been a great year for Super Lawyers and I have no doubt 2011 will be even better.

When the Spirit Moves You

When you receive your copy of Super Lawyers magazine, you may be moved to tell us a few things. Perhaps you think we left someone deserving off the list; or maybe you think we included someone who shouldn’t be on the list. In the past, you had to wait several months before you could nominate that overlooked attorney, and other than sending us an email or letter, there wasn’t an effective means of providing us feedback regarding the lawyers on the list.

New York, New York -- Coming soon


With nearly a 150,000 lawyers in the state, New York has more attorneys than any other state according to the ABA. For Super Lawyers, this presents some challenges. What we've done is basically divide the state into two -- the New York City metro area, and upstate.

Update: Wednesday, September 13

On Wednesday, September 13, 2006, theSupreme Court of New Jersey granted Super Lawyers, New Jersey Monthlyand the New Jersey Bar Association status in their Petitions inopposition to Opinion 39.  We thank the Supreme Court for thisopportunity to defend our reputation.  We , as members of the press,hold ourselves to high standards of editorial integrity, and lookforward to this opportunity to present those standards to the Court --and for the first time, to the New Jersey Committee on AttorneyAdvertising.