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Super Lawyers Article on Florida’s Mike Ossi Wins SPJ’s Sunshine State Award

Super Lawyers Article on Florida’s Mike Ossi Wins SPJ’s Sunshine State Award

We’re pleased to announce that “Star Attraction,” a profile of entertainment lawyer Mike Ossi, with Ossi, Najem & Rosario in Jacksonville, which appeared in the June 2010 issue of Florida Super Lawyers magazine, was honored this weekend in the Sunshine State Awards sponsored by the South Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. It took second place in the category: Light Feature Reporting.

Congratulations to G.K. Sharman, the writer, and Beth Taylor, the editor.

MikeOssi.jpgOssi started out in personal injury law, taking the cases other attorneys shunned. “I always went for the base hits,” he said in the article. His belief that personal connections were the way to be successful led him to join the prestigious Pablo Creek Golf Course in 1999.

There, he met actor Samuel L. Jackson. Then he met John Travolta.

That’s how Ossi became a Jacksonville attorney with an entertainment practice rivaling those of Hollywood lawyers. Today, Ossi is Travolta’s primary attorney and close family confidante. When Travolta needs a movie contract negotiated, Ossi takes charge. Same with real estate transactions or even family crisis: When an extortion case surrounded the death of Travolta’s son in the Bahamas in 2009, Ossi represented the family in the foreign court and spoke to the media on its behalf.

“He has this uncanny ability to keep people on the other side of the table happy,” Travolta’s agent, Randi Michel, told us, “and also get every drop he can for his clients.”

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