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Super Lawyers Answers the Call

Super Lawyers Answers the Call

The process of hiring an attorney can be a daunting one. No built-in referral network, little idea of what things should cost and perhaps uncertainty as to whether you even have a case. And what happens when emotions and catastrophic injuries enter into the equation?

In 2013, Jake and his wife were driving to west Texas to pick up their daughter from college for the summer. A flatbed truck hauling an unsecured 1,200 pound cast iron block made a u-turn causing the unsecured block to slide off the truck and land in the road. With no time to stop, the truck hit the mold and the couple went airborne, leaving Jake with life-altering injuries. He is now permanently disabled and lives in severe pain every day.

Jake quickly realized that he needed to hire an attorney, because the insurance company was just too big for him to fight on his own. After calling several personal injury firms, he became frustrated because none of them seemed truly interested in taking the case. He was scared and confused about what to do. Jake eventually decided to call an old friend who is an attorney, but that didn’t work out, either.

So Jake’s search for representation began again. Then one day searching the internet Jake came across SuperLawyers.com. He found Ron McCallum’s attorney profile and decided to give him a call.

Ron McCallum Headshot JPG.jpgAn associate attorney with Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett, PC, Ron provides representation to his clients in Dallas, throughout the state and nationwide. After speaking with Jake, Ron worked tirelessly over the course of several years to fix all the errors and subpar work from the previous legal counsel.

Ultimately, Ron developed strong evidence that the defendants violated Texas state law, among other safety rules and regulations that are intended to protect the public from harm. With the defendants facing almost certain submission to the jury on both ordinary and gross negligence claims, a compromise was reached on the eve of trial. The $6.4 million agreement is believed to be the second largest settlement ever reported in Lubbock County.

“Ron and his team truly saved me and my family from the brink of disaster,” said Jake. “I unfortunately learned the hard way how very important it is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who has the tools and resources to properly fight for you and what you deserve.”

Ron considered it a personal honor to help a client in need facing long odds.

“What we were able to accomplish for my client was justice, reimbursement for his harms and losses and forced change within a grossly negligent company,” says Ron. “It was great to see my partnership with Super Lawyers as a stepping stone for making that happen.”

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