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Staking Your Claim as a Legal Thought Leader

Staking Your Claim as a Legal Thought Leader

A solid content marketing plan is the foundation that allows law firms to attract and keep a customer base. In fact, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are also more likely to buy from that company.*


Historically, a lawyer’s role has always been that of an advocate, the person who could analyze a situation and provide their clients with sound legal advice. As the competition to provide legal services increases, lawyers need to find more ways to provide value to their clients. Creating content that showcases you and your firm as the expert on a particular subject is a great way to gain trust with prospective clients and stay top of mind with past clients. This is an investment in your firm’s future, one that can deliver new website visitors and build trust with potential clients.

It’s essential for any lawyer to create content on a consistent basis that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise in a specific area. Having a diverse social media presence can help you promote your personal and professional endeavors and expand your sphere of influence. Putting some effort into scheduled blog posts can usher in new opportunities such as case leads, networking contacts, and writing and spe aking engagements. A high-quality whitepaper or eBook allows you to showcase your technical knowledge, awareness of your clients’ needs and concerns, and commitment to client service and long-term relationships.

Too often one of the first things that falls by the wayside at law firms is the creation of content. That’s where Super Lawyers steps in with our brand new Legal Leader content marketing solution. This product delivers a white paper with forward-thinking content in a professional package that aligns with your brand.

Super Lawyers Legal Leader white papers are:

  • Inspired by your interests, experience and perspective and reflect your passion and knowledge about a particular legal issue.
  • Branded with a professional layout and custom design/graphics that are aligned with your existing web presence.
  • Promoted through a content marketing program leveraging social media, blog posts, strategic paid advertising and more!
  • Impactful to your online visibility and your overall market presence.

This white paper helps reinforce your position as a thought leader among peers and adds to your credibility among your clients. Demonstrate your knowledge and market perspective with Legal Leader. Learn more today by visiting http://www.superlawyers.com/about/legal_leader.html.

*Custom Content Counsel

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