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Sharing Excellence at the Super Lawyers Advisory Board Retreat

Sharing Excellence at the Super Lawyers Advisory Board Retreat

Super Lawyers recently completed its 2014 Advisory Board Retreat, held October 17-19 in Rancho Mirage, California. Attendees included 18 members of the National Advisory Board along with Super Lawyers and FindLaw management.

The Super Lawyers Advisory Board is composed of attorneys who embody excellence in practice. The board, which provides counsel, feedback and editorial ideas, includes lawyers from across the country and of varied firm sizes, who have consistently appeared at the top of the Super Lawyers lists.


Notable attorneys including Thomas Girardi, Laurel Bellows and David Keltner brought their ideas to bolster the Super Lawyers mission of “raising the visibility of attorneys who exhibit excellence in practice.”

Under the theme of “Shared Excellence,” the retreat was a chance for a diverse set of voices who shared a passion for the law to come together and give their perspectives on the current status of the legal world. “These attorneys were not afraid of sharing their opinions with us at all,” said Cindy Larson, Super Lawyers Publisher.

Through small breakouts and broad sessions, the group discussed the challenges faced by firms today. For instance, young lawyers are in need of education and support when it comes to business development skills and how to manage their practice.

The retreat also helped ensure accuracy and completeness in the delivery of Super Lawyers products and services. The attorneys’ candid feedback and participation will fuel new Super Lawyers solutions to meet the challenges many other attorneys face.

Overall, the retreat was an excellent opportunity to show customers that Super Lawyers and FindLaw were listening and holding themselves accountable for what they do. We’d like to thank all the National Advisory Board Members who were able to join us along with the Super Lawyers and FindLaw staff who helped make this possible. We’re looking forward to next year!

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