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Shamus O’Meara on Staying Busy

Shamus O’Meara on Staying Busy

In the 2011 issue of Minnesota Super Lawyers, we profiled Shamus O’Meara of Johnson & Condon. In this unpublished interview excerpt, O’Meara speaks about an important lesson he learned from his parents.shamus.jpg

I grew up in a family where I had six siblings. My dad was involved in our lives. I remember this vividly: My siblings and I were putting in a sprinkler system at the church that we attended as kids, the church my parents still attend. And here’s my father working late with us, putting in this sprinkler system. The pastor came up to him and he said, “Bill, I’ve given you this job because I always believe that if you want to get something done, give it to somebody who’s busy, because they’ll find a way to get it done.”

I firmly believe in that. It does ring true. People are busy for a reason. Because people believe in them. They trust in them. Someone that does that a lot at a higher level, who’s busy, will end up becoming even busier as a result.

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