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A Look Back at September Super Lawyers Magazine Releases

A Look Back at September Super Lawyers Magazine Releases

As September passes we wanted to recap some of the editorial subjects for the two magazines released this past month: 2015 New York Metro Super Lawyers Magazine and 2015 Michigan Super Lawyers Magazine. We are also thrilled to announce that 2015 marked the tenth issue of each of these publications.

2015 New York Metro Super Lawyers Magazine

NYSLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgThe front cover features Betsy Plevan who is a senior partner of ProskauerRose LLP where she specializes in employment litigation and has served as a member of its Executive Committee. In addition to those duties, she provides counsel, feedback and editorial ideas to Super Lawyers as a member of our Advisory Board.

Coined “The Dean of the Employment Bar,” Plevan’s career has been based on finding the right fit: for her, for her clients and for a generation of female lawyers. Much of her success has been predicated on building relationships, whether among large corporations or small professional service organizations. She worked with a lot of law firms, and found, inevitably, that sometimes lawyers make challenging clients. “You are working with a lot of very smart people who are not afraid to question your judgment,” she says.

But law firms kept returning. “Betsy is the consummate counselor and advocate,” says Audrey Strauss, now executive vice president, chief legal officer and secretary at Alcoa, but previously a partner at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, where she hired Plevan to advise on firm management issues. “She has been the dean of the employment bar in New York for longer than we can remember, and for good reason. No one does it better.”

“Tenacious, smart, crafty, aggressive and thoughtful,” adds David Sanford, chairman of the firm Sanford Heisler Kimpel. “She also reveals a soft touch of humanity at the right moments-cutting through a tense situation in order to stitch together a compromise resolution no one is happy with, but which becomes the basis for a stable negotiated deal.”

Also in the issue, business litigator Roberta Kaplan remembers joy of Windsor and celebrates the future with Obergefell; Robert Kelner’s clients laud both his legal acumen and friendship; and Innocence Project founder Barry Scheck talks about whether the state has ever executed an innocent man. We also travel to China and check out a legal system that is not yet 40 years old.

2015 Michigan Super Lawyers Magazine

MISLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgAs previously mentioned, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary in Michigan and to celebrate we took a look back at a decade worth of cover stories. Meet attorneys like Eugene Driker, front cover highlight from back in 2006. In 2013, when the city of Detroit filed the largest bankruptcy case in history, Eugene Driker was one of six mediators who resolved the crisis. Since we featured the Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker member in 2006, he’s continued to focus on business and commercial litigation. Driker was a recipient of the esteemed George W. Romney Award for Lifetime Achievement in Volunteerism in 2014.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of our latest Super Lawyers Magazines. Be sure to visit SuperLawyers.com/Digital to see all of our digital editions.

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