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Securing Client Trust in an Online World

Securing Client Trust in an Online World

You used to build trust with potential clients the old fashioned way-you looked them in the eye, shook their hand and reassured them that you were the lawyer they could rely on. But trust doesn’t start in your office anymore. Today consumers are researching attorneys online so your first point of contact is digital where it is much harder to assure them of your credibility.

p>EmailHero-1.pngThe number of consumers using the web to search for an attorney has steadily increased over recent years. Slightly complicating this fact is that many consumers are hesitant about online advertising, so it’s important to understand how to ease their concerns. Super Lawyers’ new playbook Building Real Trust in a Virtual World: An Attorney’s Guide analyzes the trends in consumer decision-making and gives advice on how to shape your online marketing to secure new clients.

The good news is that new marketing avenues present new opportunities for building your online reputation. Some steps, like online reviews, might seem counterintuitive, but virtual trust is much different than in-person trust. Your goal is to show the human side of you and your practice, making prospects comfortably enough to pick up the phone and dial your number.

The Super Lawyers playbook outlines how to use reviews and accolades to build your credibility online. It also dives into the best ways to market you and your services, giving your firm insight into how to create trust and stand out virtually.

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