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Rick Robertson and Family Law In the Era of Facebook

Rick Robertson and Family Law In the Era of Facebook


In the latest issue of Texas Super Lawyers, which is available in print, on our Web site and in our digital magazine, we feature Rick Robertson of Koons Fuller. In the piece he discusses the impact he is seeing of Facebook on the practice of family law.

“I’ve heard that one in five divorce cases now involve Facebook,” he says. He issues to clients a “Do-and-Don’t” fact sheet about the pitfalls in using social media to vent about partners or ex-partners. He advises them to be circumspect in the use of home computers, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook, blogs and other forms of e-communication. He also explains the existence of “Spyware” on computers, meaning that “without your knowledge someone may be able to monitor all of your computer conduct.” The same goes for cellular telephones and smart-phones. He cautions that any transmission sent by voicemail, e-mail, instant messaging or text messaging “can be obtained by the opposing counsel.” Bottom line: Take pains to protect your privacy “if you do not want to see your private life on an exhibit in a courtroom.”

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