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Does Your Reputation Meet The “New Normal” Standards?

Does Your Reputation Meet The “New Normal” Standards?

Gone are the days when an attorney’s sole source of business relied upon word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family. More and more consumers of all kinds rely on opinions and experiences of people whom they’ve never met to provide trusted insights. Couple that with heightened competition from other firms and do-it-yourself legal options, and the challenges to stay relevant mount.


This is the new normal for many firms out there. So how do you go about differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace? According to the 2016 Thomson Reuters State of the U.S. Small Law Firm survey, 46 percent of firms considered enhancing their reputation in the local community a key goal.

Maintaining a good reputation is an important part of any attorney’s ongoing activities. A positive reputation is often what causes a potential client to seek the services of a specific law firm or attorney. In fact, 88 percent of consumers stated that a lawyer’s “reputation” was one of the top two most important pieces of information they rely when choosing an attorney.

You may already know the importance of reputation management because you’ve participated in the Super Lawyers selection process, attended one of our events or promoted your selection on social media. But what happens when someone you’ve advised finds you online and leaves a negative review? Your website, ads and social media profiles might be well-written, but the reviews and ratings you receive have the power to impact your reputation beyond anything you write yourself.

The thought of altering your marketing strategy to adapt to the new normal can be intimidating at first. Thankfully our friends at FindLaw put together a “New Normal Quiz” that will take you through a few quick questions about running a modern law firm. Once you’ve gone through the quiz, you’ll be emailed your full results, along with strategies to improve.

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