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2 Reasons to Blog about Your Legal Awards

2 Reasons to Blog about Your Legal Awards

As you grow your practice, or look to maintain an already effective one, it is important to celebrate successes. It places your firm in a positive light and makes others want to join in.

Highlighting achievements creates buzz around your firm and enhances your brand. Legal accolades, such as selection to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list, provide the perfect opportunity to leverage past success for future growth and achievement.

The key is to share the achievement in a way that showcases your firm without coming off as self-serving.

A well-written blog post is a great way to share your accomplishments while also touting the hard work and commitment it took to garner the distinction. Here are a couple ways to leverage your legal accolades by writing a blog:

Control the story

Writing a blog about your accomplishment provides an opportunity for your firm to control the narrative being told about your brand in public.

Publicizing your hard-earned honor doesn’t have to be boastful. Would you write, or talk, about winning a case? Then, why not build on the reputation bestowed upon you by a trustworthy agency? Yes, there’s an incentive associated with talking about your expertise and reputation, but getting support from a third-party means you didn’t just buy an award or pay someone to talk about you.

Do you feel worthy of the award? Then, you can feel less awkward touting it. You’re not doing it because you need others to know you’re worthy and successful, it’s out of excitement. Your celebration can be contagious and others will want to share in your success.

But it’s critical to establish why it’s important for you to promote your award via a blog.

Make sure to talk about the hard work it takes to have a successful law firm and note the people along the way who help make it happen. It makes you and your firm more accessible and down-to-earth. It also puts a name to a face of the person winning an award. Think of it like a graduation or award show acceptance speech. Success doesn’t come by one person’s effort alone, but it also isn’t blind luck. Gratefulness goes a long way when communicating you feel proud of the accomplishment without coming off as narcissistic.

Gain a competitive advantage

Blogging is a great way to communicate clearly in a competitive environment. There are thousands of lawyers and law firms out there, but if you were named to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list you’re a member of the top five percent of attorneys in a given market or two and a half percent of those younger than 40 or with less than 10 years of experience, respectively. That’s worth celebrating.

It’s an easy sell to acknowledge the accreditation process that goes with winning it. You’re showing current and prospective clients your track-record of hard work and success was recognized through a patented process by a reputable company.

In addition, the importance of a lawyer’s blog in the consumer’s online decision-making process increased four percent from 2015-2017*, so it’s an important medium to gain more quality leads. And it could gain you more referrals as well. In the last year, 85 percent of Super Lawyers selected attorneys referred a client to a fellow selected attorney. By writing about your accolades, you’re giving fellow attorneys another opportunity to refer clients to your work and vouch for your practice.

Managing a blog improves your firm’s visibility and builds reputation, but it also helps you maintain relationships. Previous clients can follow along with your practice and can even join in on the distinctions you garner. People like to associate with success and your awards show they made the right decision. By writing about it, you reinforce positive sentiment about selecting you as their attorney.

As you can see, blogging can be an excellent way to communicate your passion, develop current relationships and bring new people into your network. In a world where consumers possess unlimited options, you need to make the strongest case for why you should be the go-to attorney.

From issuing a press release to social media to forming an email marketing strategy, Leveraging Your Legal Accolades Playbook serves a basic, yet practical guide on the value of self-promotion. Download the playbook here.

*FindLaw 2017 U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey

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