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What Our Readers Have to Say About the Super Lawyers Magazine Redesign

What Our Readers Have to Say About the Super Lawyers Magazine Redesign

It’s been about a year since we relaunched Super Lawyers Magazine with a new, creative look and feel and our readership has spoken. From being much more readable and contemporary to enjoying the shorter, quicker-read articles and newly focused editorial categories the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Surveys of our Super Lawyers Magazine readers show that the overall redesign rating of “Great” served as the #1 response and there was a 12-to-1 preference for the redesigned magazine over the prior format. In addition our readers had a 5-to-1 preference on the new list layout and design changes.

As always, Super Lawyers Magazine will continue to provide relevant, informative content to referring attorneys and will reinforce the value that Super Lawyers provides in serving as an attorney referral source nationwide. However with the sheer volume of digital content out there, more than ever print advertising – specifically in magazines – has the power to produce awareness of your firm’s brand, demonstrate authority in your practice and influence potential clients.

Recently we looked at reader behavior trends across Super Lawyers Magazine, as well as general-audience consumer magazines, to highlight four key proof points as to why you should care about print advertising: Staying Power, Audience Engagement, Brand Awareness and Target Audience. In addition, it’s important to understand how magazine advertising compliments your digital initiatives to provide a robust marketing strategy. In this day and age it’s vital to be seen online, but an added presence in print will differentiate your firm and provide those extra impressions your competition may not be getting.

At the end of the day magazines rank #1 in commanding consumer attention and advertising acceptance and 95% of your competition cannot advertise with Super Lawyers. To learn more about why magazine advertising is an important component of your firms integrated marketing plan that will help build brand awareness and engage your audience check out the infographic below.


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