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Print Persists and Performs

Print Persists and Performs

For years we’ve heard about the decline of print. That it no longer matters, that it’s a dinosaur in the process of extinction.

Despite this, print lives on and provides value. Super Lawyers’ new playbook, Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm’s Marketing, shows how print advertising continues to provide an opportunity for positive brand sentiment and access to an engaged audience.Print Playbook.png

Yes, things have changed and print advertising has changed with it. But to dismiss print entirely would be a mistake. It is still a valuable tangible piece of a comprehensive marketing plan and an area where law firms can get the upper hand on their competition.

No other medium can keep a readers’ attention like print because studies show that consumers do less multitasking with hard-copy collateral than with digital mediums. Therefore, print today provides law firms with the attention of potential clients.

In this playbook, you will learn more about maintaining consistency with print and online advertising, utilizing clear calls-to-action to receiving the best response, using professional quality visuals and analyzing your marketing strategy.

Click here to download your copy of Finding a Place for Print in Your Law Firm’s Marketing.

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