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Why a Premium Online Attorney Profile Matters to You

Why a Premium Online Attorney Profile Matters to You

If you’re following us on any of our social media channels, you probably already know that we’ve been talking a lot about our Premium Online Attorney Profile this spring. Did you know that SuperLawyers.com has 1.15 million page views per month? Or that we get 80% of our traffic from search engines? That’s a lot of people searching for legal assistance and landing on SuperLawyers.com. If you’re an attorney who has been selected to one of our lists, chances are you’d like to make the most of those potential clients, and a Premium Online Attorney Profile is the best way to get their attention. 


“I get more Internet inquiries through Super Lawyers than my firm website or any other internet source,” says Whitney Warner of Moody & Warner in Albuquerque, NM. “I no longer spend marketing money on any other internet source (aside from my firm website).”

Here are some of the Premium Online Attorney Profile features:

  • Premium placement in our online directory gives your profile the highest visibility available on SuperLawyers.com.
  • Strategic contact generation tools make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you.
  • Your profile can act as an online hub for your entire web portfolio by integrating your websites, blogs and social media profiles in one place.
  • The Premium Online Attorney Profile has a 78% renewal rate. Selected attorneys see the value in our online tools, and they keep them because they provide results.
  • A “What is Super Lawyers?” link. Consumers will know they are viewing the profile of an attorney who has gone through our rigorous, patented selection process, and have demonstrated excellence in practice.

Remember, selected attorneys from any year can take advantage of this opportunity. So, even if you were not selected to a Super Lawyers list this year, you are still eligible for a Premium Online Attorney Profile.

Purchase the Premium Online Attorney Profile in our online store today!

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