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Positioning Your Firm to Attract Referrals – Part 4

Positioning Your Firm to Attract Referrals – Part 4

The study and practice of law has connected you to a vast network of professionals. That network can include former law school classmates, attorneys in different practice areas or members of a professional network in which you belong. All of these individuals can serve as strong referral sources. Your professional colleagues understand the value of expertise and case management, and the importance of setting expectations with the client. In fact, 79 percent of attorneys see their referral sources positively in terms of referring clients back.*


In the world of referrals, you get what you give. That means, first of all, that you need to be a source of referrals yourself. When you come into contact with prospective clients you cannot help, make every effort to refer them on to someone else. Secondly, many lawyers have clients who have needs that are outside their area of expertise or location. Being extremely clear about the type of services you offer through an integrated marketing approach can allow you to be identified by attorneys in different practice areas and help build your national reputation. Exposure in publications such as Super Lawyers Magazine, which is sent to all attorneys in the state bar, is a key tactic in marketing your firm and its services.

At Super Lawyers, we take pride in our patented selection process, which produces a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for referring attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel. We also provide a built-in attorney referral network that allows selectees to celebrate their achievement and to network with colleagues at our receptions. Did you know 85% of attorneys selected to a Super Lawyers or Rising Stars list referred a client to a fellow selected attorney in the past year?*

Ready to start cultivating your own network?

Download your free copy of the playbook Master the Art of Referrals today. And be sure to check out how one Kansas City attorney hosts a “fight night,” where he invites up to 20 attorneys to watch a boxing match or mixed martial arts contest.

*2015 Super Lawyers Referral Survey

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