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From Phoenix to Philadelphia Meet our May Editorial Features

From Phoenix to Philadelphia Meet our May Editorial Features

Super Lawyers selectees have seen it all and are trying to make a difference. In this month’s magazines women from around the Northeast and the wife of a prominent mayor display the kind of courage and change that helps set selectees apart.

The First Lady of Phoenix

SWSL.jpgIt’s an unusual title, but Super Lawyers selectee Nicole France Stanton of Quarles & Brady has embraced it. After her husband Greg was elected mayor of Phoenix in 2012 she set to work developing anti-bullying programs while working closely with LGBT and women’s empowerment groups.

Her activism comes from close experience. Her brother Dion was bullied as a child growing up in a small town in northern Utah who later died of AIDS-related causes. She has used her voice to protect those like Dion who are pushed around because they’re different or they don’t fit in.

On top of her charity work, Stanton spends her professional life representing schools, law firms and accounting firms. Known as the “velvet hammer” by one of her colleagues, she has a cool demeanor in the courtroom but can be tough and firm when challenged.

While Stanton and her husband have separated she still takes on the responsibilities as wife of the mayor, speaking at events, bringing voice to causes and working for a more inclusive city.

The Oral History of Women in Law

PADE_Blog.jpgThe legal landscape has changed dramatically for women. While there is still work to be done, when attorneys like Regina O’Brien Thomas of Ballard Spahr or Martha Hartle Munsch of Reed Smith started their careers, you were hard pressed to find another woman in the room. Sometimes pregnant lawyers had to work up until the day before they gave birth and return to work as immediately as they could for fear of losing their place at their firm.

In the 2017 Pennsylvania & Delaware Super Lawyers Magazine, several prominent women remember their trials and tribulations as young attorneys starting out in an environment that was often unfriendly. There’s the story of a law school professor who used rape as a legal example too many times, sexual harassment in job interviews and a general distrust in the talent of the women in the law.

However, the same women speak optimistically about where the law is today while still recognizing that there is still a long road ahead. Issues like paid maternity leave and equal compensation are more acceptable and standard at many successful law firms. The female attorneys of the previous century endured their share of difficulties but ultimately created a better environment for the women to come.

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