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On the Cover: Bill Hangley

On the Cover: Bill Hangley

hangley.jpgThe most recent issue of Pennsylvania Super Lawyers (now available online, as a digital edition and in print) features cover subject Bill Hangley of Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller. In the story, the renowned trial lawyer speaks about his toughest cases and how his calm demeanor improves his chances in the courtroom. An excerpt:

“Some lawyers are confrontational. They want to make a witness feel like dirt and then he’s putty in their hands. That’s not my approach,” says Hangley. “I think a lot of witness examination should be freestyle, where the witness is invested in the conversation. Then, how you ask your questions, the pace you set, and the energy you build into the conversation is, if you’re fortunate, going to lead to the truth.”

Marc J. Sonnenfeld has witnessed Hangley’s nuanced courtroom presence on many occasions. The two lawyers, now close friends, have known each other since they worked together during the inception of Hangley’s firm.

“He’s a terrific lawyer and he’s got a very nice presence about him. He walks into a courtroom and that presence is felt immediately,” says Sonnenfeld, now a partner at Morgan Lewis in Philadelphia. “And he’s very good on his feet. He exudes great confidence and he’s also very charming, which is something that definitely serves him well in front of juries and judges.”

Read the full story here.

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