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October Super Lawyers Magazine Editorial Review

October Super Lawyers Magazine Editorial Review

October has been a busy month for Super Lawyers with the release of three magazines: 2015 New England Super Lawyers Magazine, 2015 Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine and 2015 Oklahoma Super Lawyers Magazine.

2015 New England Super Lawyers Magazine

EXSLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgOur front cover feature highlights James “J.D.” Smeallie who is a partner in the Boston office of Holland & Knight, concentrating his practice on business litigation with particular emphasis in litigation involving education, employment, professional liability, intellectual property and unfair competition. Mr. Smeallie has served in firm leadership positions as executive partner of the Boston office, chair of the Education Team and as a member of the Directors Committee.

In our wide ranging Q&A, we covered topics including athletic conference realignment, leading the Boston Bar Association and being quoted in Sports Illustrated. He also told us about the Bar’s response to the marathon bombing:

“Like everybody in the city at the time, people were all trying to figure out how they could be helpful. We at the bar were trying to figure out where lawyers might fit in. The whole area around the bombing itself became one gigantic crime scene for weeks, if not months. All the businesses in that vicinity, even if they weren’t damaged by the bombs, were closed. That created all kinds of issues for them, insurance issues, employment issues, lease issues. We worked with the mayor’s office to offer our services to help those people on a pro bono basis. We had an overwhelming response from lawyers at the Boston Bar who volunteered.”

2015 Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine

MKSLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgIn this issue, you’ll read the tales of eight attorneys who began practicing law in the 1950s and are still going strong today. You’ll also meet Kansas City attorney Anne Schiavone, who takes us inside employment litigation-and what she learned from being a competitive gymnast.

Our cover piece features eight Missouri and Kansas lawyers who reflect on the past, comment on the present and make predictions for the future. These veteran lawyers speak candidly about how they view the law today. Some have embraced the technological changes; some have shrugged them off. Many lament the ways they say the profession has changed into a business.

“Cases that happened before set the rules for what comes next,” says Larry McMullen, a professional liability defense attorney with Husch Blackwell in Kansas City, who started practicing in 1959. “That makes all of us, by training, admire and cling to the past because that’s what teaches us what we need to do. And that makes us resistant to change. So we-particularly old-lawyers are pretty stuck in our ways.”

2015 Oklahoma Super Lawyers Magazine

OKSLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgWe’re excited to be celebrating our tenth anniversary of Oklahoma Super Lawyers Magazine and to commemorate this achievement we took a look back at a decade worth of cover stories. Meet attorneys like R. Thomas Seymour, front cover highlight from back in 2006 who won a $12.25 million settlement for the wrongfully imprisoned Arvin McGee continued to take on civil rights cases until his retirement. Our cover mention in this issue is all about environmental lawyer LeAnne Burnett, Shareholder and Director at Crowe & Dunlevy, and how important relationships are in her personal and professional life.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of our latest Super Lawyers Magazines. Be sure to visit SuperLawyers.com/Digital to see all of our digital editions.

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