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NYU Professor Stephen Gillers on Use of Super Lawyers Designation

NYU Professor Stephen Gillers on Use of Super Lawyers Designation

At our request, Stephen Gillers, professor at the New York University School of Law, and a nationally-renowned expert in the regulation of lawyers and professional responsibility, provided his opinion on use of the Super Lawyers designation by attorneys licensed in New York. In part, his opinion reads:

“You have asked me whether in my opinion New York lawyers listed in Super Lawyers may advertise or publicize that fact consistent with the provisions of the New York Code of Professional Responsibility (as recently amended) that address professional advertising. My answer is that they may.”

Professor Gillers cautions that attorneys should not be misleading — that they should “make it clear that the lawyer is included or listed in Super Lawyers, not that the lawyer is presenting himself or herself as a super lawyer.” He also suggests that advertisements not in the Super Lawyers publication refer to the Super Lawyers website to provide consumers a link to the selection process.

Click here to download the full text of Prof. Gillers’ Opinion.

Click here to download Attachment A – Prof. Gillers’ CV.

Click here to download Attachment B – excerpts from Key Professsional Media’s letter to Michael Colodner (ref. in Prof. Gillers’ opinion), 8/30/2006


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