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November Super Lawyers Magazine Editorial Review

November Super Lawyers Magazine Editorial Review

As November comes to close, we wanted to highlight the three magazines released: 2015 Super Lawyers Business Edition, 2015 Wisconsin Super Lawyers Magazine and 2015 Mid-South Super Lawyers Magazine.

2015 Super Lawyers Business Edition

USBE15_SM_Cover3.jpgThis year’s Super Lawyers Business Edition provides a directory listing of all firms with attorneys selected to a 2015 Super Lawyers list in the following practice groups: Litigation; Employment; Construction, Real Estate and Environmental; Business and Transactions; and Intellectual Property.

In addition to the listing, we also feature a top law firm section for each practice group, highlighting solo, small, medium and large firms. These firms were chosen based on the number of attorneys within the firm who were selected to a 2015 Super Lawyers list in addition to a combination of metrics indicating the quality of those attorneys.

Dispersed throughout the pages of Business Edition you’ll also find write-ups on debunking legal technology myths and secrets to a department-wide efficiency tune up.

2015 Wisconsin Super Lawyers Magazine

In this issue, we bring together two top Milwaukee litigators, Heidi Vogt and Linda Vogt Meagher, who happen to be sisters.

WISLRS15_SM_Cover.jpgSharing a room did more than turn the sisters into best friends; it also provided an early education into some of the skills they’d need as attorneys. Fights broke out, sure, but they learned the value of forgiveness. They also learned the lesson of Atticus Finch: that there’s more than one perspective and it’s important to see things through the eyes of someone else. Sharing a bedroom was, essentially, an extended course in negotiating and finding mutually acceptable solutions.

“It taught us how to compromise,” says Linda Vogt Meagher, a shareholder in the litigation group at Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan in Milwaukee, whose office is only four blocks from her sister’s.

2015 Mid-South Super Lawyers Magazine

We’re excited to be celebrating our tenth anniversary of Mid-South Super Lawyers Magazine and to commemorate this achievement we took a look back at a decade worth of cover stories. Meet attorneys like W.J. Michael Cody, who represented Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. years ago. “I appeared there with all the living lawyers who represented Dr. King, in some fashion, and I wasn’t the oldest person in the room. Also don’t miss our cover story on Memphis lawyer Bruce McMullen who prides himself on connecting with juries and helping bring the Grizzlies to town.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of our latest Super Lawyers Magazines. Be sure to visit SuperLawyers.com/Digital to see all of our digital editions. 

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