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Nominations Now Open for Inaugural Super Lawyers Pro Bono Award

Nominations Now Open for Inaugural Super Lawyers Pro Bono Award

The-Link-Pro-Bono-V2.jpgAs a company that researches lawyers every day, Super Lawyers hears many inspiring stories. From improving foster care, to fighting worldwide malnutrition, to representing those on death row, legal professionals and law students are working hard every day to better their communities and provide legal assistance to underrepresented groups. We believe such efforts deserve to be recognized.

The annual Super Lawyers Pro Bono Award honors individual lawyers, law firms, law students, law schools, government attorney offices, corporate law departments and other institutions in the legal profession that exemplify excellence in practice in service of others through delivery of volunteer legal services to the poor, the vulnerable and the exploited.

“It’s our business to identify attorneys who exhibit excellence in practice, and the Super Lawyers Pro Bono Award allows us to shine a spotlight on attorneys and law students who do amazing work on behalf of others who are vulnerable, exploited, underrepresented or have no access to justice due to their inability to pay for legal services,” says Barb McGivern, the vice president and general manager of Super Lawyers.

The nomination period for the award is now open and will continue through November 28, 2011. The award recipient(s) will be announced in January 2012. To learn more about the award or submit a nomination, click here.

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