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NJ Attorney General Requests Extension

NJ Attorney General Requests Extension

The Committee on Attorney Advertising’s Response to our Petition for Review of Opinion 39 was to have been filed and served on our New Jersey attorneys on Friday November 3rd. Late that afternoon, our attorneys received a phone call from the Attorney General’s office advising that their Response was not ready and that they would be asking the Court for yet another extension of time. This will be the third time that the Attorney General has requested more time. Although our attorneys have extended the courtesy to the Attorney General’s office by not opposing their prior two requests for more time, our attorneys are now prepared to oppose this request. We believe the issues raised in our Petition require the Court’s immediate attention. We will therefore continue to do everything possible to impart to the Court the sense of urgency we feel about the damage that Opinion 39 has caused to members of the bar and to the consumers of legal services.

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