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NJ Attorney General Files Opposition Brief

NJ Attorney General Files Opposition Brief

The New Jersey Attorney General has filed its Brief In Opposition To Our Petition. It is disappointing that despite having access to the details of our Petition, the Attorney General continues to misstate the Super Lawyers selection process, as well as details of our publications, policies and procedures.

We respectfully disagree with all of the positions taken by the Attorney General in the Opposition Brief, and our attorneys will file a formal response in the next few days.

In the meantime, the stay granted by the New Jersey Supreme Court continues in force.

The AG’s Brief unfortunately propagates the CAA’s elitist perspective reflected in Opinion 39 (peer review) and Opinion 33 (testimonials)…that consumers are too stupid to understand what lawyers do, and too imprudent to make wise, informed decisions in selecting a lawyer. Worse, the AG has taken the position consumers are so naive they must be shielded from the most rigorous and thorough peer review process imaginable — that even when experts are prepared to give them critical information about an attorney’s reputation, consumers should not be allowed to assess the information because someone may incorrectly believe it is an absolute guarantee of quality or success.

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